VAT Filter for WooCommerce Reports

By admin, July 14, 2020

Recently, upon a request by one of our customer, within the WooCommerce Reporting plugin we updated the Sales by Country World Map Report to include the option to filter by VAT number. Now you can easily find and filter sales that have VAT number and ones that do not have VAT number. VAT Metadata Filter … Read more

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Export WooCommerce Orders with Payment Method – Paypal

By admin, May 19, 2020

How to export orders from WooCommerce by Payment method In our comprehensive WooCommerce Reporting Plugin, one of the most powerful dashboard report is the Export Order Details report. The most powerful filter of all is the meta data filter. Using this filter you can query and export every aspect of your woocommerce order information. For … Read more

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Repeat Customer Report in WooCommerce

By admin, April 21, 2020

How to find repeat customers for your WooCommerce Store? Who are the repeat customers? Repeat customers are simply those who purchase more than once in a given time period. The period could be a week, a month or spanning multiple years. Let say you purchase Vitamins or Thyroid support medication from an online store. You … Read more

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WordPress Table Plugin – Alternative WpDataTables , NinjaTables

By admin, March 10, 2020

Table Builder plugin like WPDataTables In order to build Data tables within WordPress, we released a very basic and useful Table Builder plugin for wordpress.Since this is an initial release, the functionality is very basic but it allows anyone to easily create Post Lists Table in wordpress and then you can display the list on … Read more

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WooCommerce Deposits – Order Metric Reporting

By admin, March 10, 2020

WooCommerce Deposit is another useful extension that allows you as a store owner to let your customer pay a small deposit on the order. You can allow your customers to pay a deposit or setup flexible payment plan. This is very handy to increase flexibility for your customers. Certain orders such as made-to-order might require … Read more

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Woo Commerce List of Top Selling Products

By admin, January 28, 2020

Best Selling WooCommerce Products This Top selling product analysis report was built using Woocommerce Data Visualizer and adapted as a dashboard plugin for Woo Commerce reports

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WooCommerce Sales Revenue by country Report

By admin, January 28, 2020

Geographical Sales Analysis by all countries This Sales by country report was built using Dashboard Software tool and adapted as a replacement for Woocommerce Admin Dashboard plugin

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WooCommerce Sales Analysis Report

By admin, January 14, 2020

Advanced Sales Analysis for WooCommerce An in-depth understanding of your eCommerce data will help you to propel the sales of your woocommerce store. Sales Analysis or Sales Summary Dashboard is part of the WooCommerce Reporting Pro package Summary: This is one of the most useful and necessary reports for all WooCommerce Store owners. So let … Read more

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WooCommerce Rest API PHP Example – Error creating Order

By admin, August 13, 2019

How to create an Order using Woo Commerce Rest API Take a look at this short snippet for WooCommerce Rest API example On WooCommerce documentation for creating an Order you will see this PHP example

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Install InfoCaptor Dashboard on CentOS for Trial or Demo

By admin, March 26, 2019

How to install PHP based dashboard on CentOS using Xampp and Tomcat InfoCaptor Dashboard can be installed on any platform. Let us build a dashboard demo from scratch on CentOS (applicable to all linux flavors Ubuntu, RHEL etc) We are … Continue reading →

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