Editable groups and clickable prototypes make it super awesome

Editable groups and clickable prototypes make it super awesome

Mockups become increasingly efficient when you have the ability to group objects and it becomes super powerful when you can edit the groups without ungrouping the objects

MockupTiger now has the ability to Edit groups Editable Mockup Groups/Symbols

When you group objects, the position is maintained with the child objects. You can stretch and drag the group objects. The child objects will enlarge or shrink based on the action you perform on the group. How do you edit the text of individual child Once you define the group, it becomes cumbersome to ungroup just for changing the text. For e.g If we want to change the text on the comment bubble, we simple double click on the bubble comment The UI will detect the mouse click and transfer the edit operation to the respective child.

Read more about building How to edit wireframe mockup groups

MockupTiger Wireframes is built using HTML5 canvas object. It is browser based and has comprehensive library of widgets for Dashboards and web applications

Checkout samples at Dashboards zone and build your own Dashboard Mockup or real dashboard