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Increasing revenue with data dashboards

By admin, April 5, 2017

Some people think of a data dashboard as nothing more than a pretty visual aid, but when properly used, the dashboard can be a key tool in increasing business revenue. By monitoring meaningful metrics and responding relevantly, you can boost your business and raise your revenue. Isn't that awesome?

Select the KPIs to Monitor

One of the critical components of a successful dashboard is the selection of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to measure. A snazzy looking dashboard is no use if you're monitoring meaningless metrics.

The KPIs that matter most to you will vary depending on your business. You might be looking at renewal opportunities and renewal results, sales process, performance drivers, customer feedback, traffic, conversion, and any number of other indicators.

You want to create key performance indicators that highlight the aims of your organization. Maybe that means mining new potentials, identifying levels of team performance, making cold calls, and other activities that will generate higher revenue.

Don't obscure your vision by overloading your dashboard. Pick the most meaningful KPIs, and create a dashboard that allows you to "drill down," or click on graphs to see more detail on any specific statistic.

Google analytics datawerhouse

By admin, March 29, 2017

Once you start your own business or startup, the very first thing that comes to mind is "How many visitors did my website receive?"

Google Analytics provides tons of metrics and it becomes quite a chore to keep up with all the dashboard pages and filter options. As a small biz owner myself, I went through a phase where I ended up spending significant amount of time checking out Google Analytics

To save time and mental energy on a daily routine task, I asked "What are the most basic metrics I need to measure from Google Analytics?"

The answer pretty much came down as a need to have "one page dashboard that displays various metrics".


How to create a Sankey Diagram

By admin, March 25, 2017

What is a sankey diagram?

Sankey Diagram is kind of a flow chart that has multi-purpose use. It can be applied in lot of different domains. Even though they are popular to visualize manufacturing flow or energy flow diagrams, there are other domains like HR, Finance, Web analytics etc where you can find the benefit of using Sankey visualization. As part of data visualization best practices, it is highly recommended to incorporate Sankey Visualizations as your new pie chart replacement.

Build Sankey Diagram using InfoCaptor
In this tutorial, we shall learn about creation of Sankey diagrams using InfoCaptor. Using the tools you can visualize the flow from one node to another. It is a part of the visualization library, hence user does not to have to work on the complicated scripting. [NOTE: InfoCaptor is more than a sankey diagram creator, it contains other visualizations from d3.js charts]