By mjadav, October 5, 2009

Checkout what some of our clients are saying about our services.

* “I had identified some problems areas in my company, but did not know how to fix them. They not only showed me why these problems were developed but rectified them. I wanted a problem solved and they developed a new structure for the business that involves everyone. I look forward to our continuing relationship with them”.

Kenneth. J. Storm. President, K & T Irrigation, Inc. Fargo, ND.

* “I would like to encourage anyone in business for themselves to engage their services. They have given me new perspectives and way of thinking that will insure that my company prospers. I owe them much gratitude for giving me and my family the peace of mind never felt before. The return on investment for their services is exponential, as the payback from them will remain forever”.

Sonny Hernandez. President, Cancun Tan Inc. Dallas, TX.

* “During their visit they were able to identify problems in areas such as financing, operations, marketing and human resources. Not only are they very strong in these areas, they have the ability to make them easily understandable for people who are not aware of their concepts, using clear language and having the patience to listen our doubts and explain them over and over again. We are very confident that we will be profitable even in tough times. We are extremely confident to recommend their services to any business who want to improve their profitability. It has been an excellent experience for us”.

Javier de la Calle. President. Door Systems, Inc. Port Charlotte, FL.

* “We can attribute the change in our outlook for our business to them. He has taught us great things from financial understandings, budgeting, operations and production to change our company TODAY because we now know that tomorrow is a day late and dollar short. By doing things they have taught us we would realize the savings of approximately $150,000 a year; which was previously leaking out of our business”

Tim Stahel. President & John Bosker. Vice-President. Marquis Dental Lab, Oldsmar, FL.

* “They were immediately able to identify many key areas where money was leaking out of our business. They worked hard in a very professional manner. They were able to identify and fix problem areas such as inventory, labor management, accounting systems among many others. They single handily found the solutions and helped us get on track. I am very pleased with the results we obtained and would recommend them to any small to medium sized business owners”.

Kurt Hefner. R.Ph. Owner, Kurt’s Pharmacy & Hallmark. Twin Falls, ID.

* “They are excellent consultants and worked tirelessly on our project, it seemed as though they really enjoyed working on our project and our ever changing project goals. Their skills in the areas of accounting, financial positioning, human resources, business structure and communication flow are immeasurable. I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to meet and work with them. It would be my hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to work with them again”.

Jeff McManigle. President. West Central Irrigation, Starbuck, MN.

* “We are a large company of several stores with over 300 employees and did not know how to fix our business problems. After contacting them; through their advice and recommendations they provided us in a matter of a few days we were able to save almost $275,000 in labor costs alone! They identified the holes in our business and fixed them methodically while providing us a new and a better business structure. We are extremely satisfied with their services and would recommend them to anyone who want to improve their business profits”.

Cindy Smith, Owner, Jorgensens, Inc. MI.

* “With their help I have learned to run my business and make significant profit at the same time! The whole process could not have been better, I’m happy I put my trust with these outstanding consultants who had all the information to help me succeed”.

Rick Hansen, Owner. The Butcher Shop, Newport, TN.

* “Since expanding my business I was having trouble paying bills on time since the business grew out of my control. After their help and recommendations I’ve realized that bringing them in was simply the best business decision I’ve ever made. Not only did they help my struggling business but to my amazement they also successfully dealt with the insurance companies to put some impending issues to rest. I am confident in tackling any business issues head on. Thank you so much”.

Eddie Johnson. Owner, Eddie’s Hardware, Nashville, TN.